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    Hi fellow tape users,
    I am sometimes amazed at how individuals dive into tape decks to fix them and do not even know what some of the parts are that they will be working with nor how to read a schematics. Does this signal to anybody a disaster waiting to happen?
    I help a lot of people but also end up writing paragraphs explaining the function of a power regulator circuit. I do not want to stop anyone from repairing their own decks and I have plenty of work here. Does it seem logical to first learn what these parts are called as in a little study of basic DC Electronics before you go changing things out. It is likely that a lot of parts are changed out when they are perfectly fine if the person would just learn how to use a meter to measure voltage drops.
    I get another laugh as people change entire boards to fix a simple problem. This is not what a Technician would do. A person will get a lot more enjoyment from repairing a deck correctly and also a sense of accomplishment when he is a winner rather than just replacing a whole section. Replacing a board also brings with it additional calibration and the chance that a series of wires can be placed wrong. In 45 years I do not remember replacing a board.