Brand new DR-40X


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May 18, 2024
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Tascam DR-40X
Songwriter here, needing handheld recorder. Unboxed DR-40X, inserted microSD and batteries, held the HOME button, as instructed, set the date and before I could set time, the unit reverted to a "welcome" screen, a graphic DR-40X and some moving musical notes. All other buttons are inoperable. I tried menu, Enter, every button on the machine and the screen remained the same. I took out the batteries and SD card and waited then re-installed batteries and card, pushed the HOME/Power button and a new, screen: TASCAM DR-40X came up with turning tape reels behind the text. No control does anything. Has anybody out there run into this? I admit, I'm a songwriter, not a recording engineer and sure I am digitally challenged, but this seems bizarre. No such behavior is mentioned in the manual. Help!

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