DM4800 as highly customized remote for Reaper DAW... Interested?


Jan 2, 2013
Nashville, TN
Gear owned
DM4800, iffw
I've spent the last couple of days working on a custom remote setup for Reaper. Right now it does the basics, but I should be able to make it a pretty powerful remote using a couple of Reaper community tools. I was wondering how much time to sink into the project and if there was any interest.
So far...

GUI Popup (Press Flip on the DM4800) for selecting the function of Encoders, Select Buttons, Solo Buttons, Mute Buttons, and Faders.

You select the function by moving encoders, clicking the buttons, and touching faders on the DM4800.

dm remote.png

Not all of the functions work yet....

So far Encoders... Pan, Channel Volume, Set Width, Control Sends 1-8, and control the active FX.

Select Buttons select the channels
Solos solo
Mutes mute
Faders control channel volume

Touch works but hasn't been assigned a function. I suppose its best use is to switch into automation write mode.

Any ideas or suggestions appreciated.
Say Rockum:
Which 3rd party Reaper tools are you using?

This is gonna make me try reaper again dammit
Things are coming along. So far there are right around 700 mappings. It's not even at alpha stage, but if anyone wants to be involved let me know so I can let you experiment with what's already working.
Dmartin do you have any favorite plugins to put on a channel when mixing?

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