DP Mixing Contest - Would You Participate?

Would you participate in a Digital Portastudio Mixing contest?

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Oct 14, 2018
Hukou Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan
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I want to sponsor a mixing contest for Digital Portastudio owners. Here's how it would work:

1. Participants would be given a set of tracks to Mix and Master (everyone gets the same tracks). The project tracks would likely require creativity to work on the DP, i.e use of Virtual Tracks, submixing, etc..

2. After completion, each contestant would upload their work to a public music hosting site (not cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

3. Forum users would vote for the best mix by poll.

4. The winner would receive a prize (I'm thinking some kind of gift card).

If there is enough interest in such a contest, I will announce it later, along with links to download the tracks. I think the time limit should be 1 month to give ample time to work.

Please note that I will not be a contestant.
Thank you for the proposition.
It would have been lovely to be a contestant on this! Due to time constraints until end of year, I have to drop this chance.
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@dctdct, too bad! We'll have to do another one next year!
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2 votes. I'll give this until the end of the month to see if enough people want to do it to make it worthwhile.
The prize is a $100 USD Amazon Gift Card, btw.
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I like the idea, mj, but don't think it fair that I participate in the contest.
@Mark Richards, disagree Mark. You'll be using a DP machine just like everyone else. Since this is a contest of skills it will be about skills on a level playing field. I'm not participating because of conflict of interest.
Since this topic has not been enthusiastically received, I've decided to add a third question to the poll. If enough people indicate that they would participate in a mixing contest using any platform they wish, then it will be Game On.

Edit: Duh. I don't need the "No" question. 2 choices now: "Yes" or "No, but I would participate in an open platform mixing contest."

That's all we need to know.

I like the idea, but would prefer to be a spectator/listener this time around...

I think it might help generate some interest by followers of the forum if the entrants shared some of their actions or "secret sauce" for what and how -- maybe even why? -- they did what they did to the tracks. It would complicate the scoring, but a hybrid score of 70% based on the mix and 30% based on their presentations of their approach to it would possibly make it more engaging and educational for this forum.

I'd even make a contribution to -mjk- so you don't have to cover all $100 for the gift card. It'd be worth it to me to underwrite/contribute $25 towards this cause.

All that said, if the "secret sauce" they used has to remain a "secret"; yes, I get that too.

Just my thoughts...

Old No7
@Old No7, thanks. I think the contest is DOA as it looks there aren't any takers unfortunately.

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