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Apr 7, 2024
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Say you have this unit in the hands of a world class producer and engineer . Then you have session players. lso orchestra players . Decent condenser budget mics. no fancy outboard. Internal only effects . Good environment.
Where will you hear deficiency ?
Ie what realistically is the limitation of this machine sonically
With a world class setup you won't hear the deficiency. That's because the world class producer and engineer also have world class ears. That is always the limiting factor.
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Yes i guess my question was leading . I've always considered these machines to be potentially extremely powerful by traditional standards. In the last couple of years I've adopted the philosophy that it's the core sounds which needed dragging up . I have significantly better strings now though you still have to inject as much dynamic and life as they will take . Listening to real strings of analogue days shows up the true issues between today and yesterday music
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