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Mark Richards

Dec 31, 2017
Somewhere Near Nashville
Gear owned
DJ X, the updated forum looks great! Thanks for the considerable time you've taken to do this.:)
I like the profile banner function to add a photo behind the profile pic (click my profile to see what it looks like).

DJ, well done man. Thank you very much for all the effort it took to do this massive update.
Nice one, @DJ X Great work! And thanks @-mjk- for the tip!
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Before the update, when you wanted to address a person in a post, one would use "@" and then type the username and click on it (which didn't ever work all that well. Now, all you have to do is press the "Tag" button and it puts their username in the new post. That is an excellent upgrade.

I'm very strongly considering changing Behringer World over to Xenforo after this update to the Tascam Forums. I really like this platform.
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XF is a great platform, but there is a learning curve for admins when migrating, especially if you want to customize the forum or add features. Also, many of the current features on this forum (such as the "tag" button) come from third-party add-ons or random code snippets I've written and accumulated over the years. Most are not implemented in the current update yet.
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Looks awesome! Well done! I'm taking you out for a steak dinner!
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Oh Charlie! I haven't been back to NYC since before covid. But fam wants me back 🤣

We should grab some beers when I visit!
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Just say "when"!
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