Firewire driver maybe?

Thomas Klinteby

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Nov 15, 2023
Gear owned
tascam dm3200
Hi I connected my Tascam dm3200 through Firewire using the IF-FW DM MK2 card, to a computer with windows 7 ,using the driver that is confirmed being the latest. Everything works except I get a lot of dropouts on recording
That makes cubase stop.
I tried to change the buffer size up to 2048 and down to very low. And i tried also changing the level from Normal to safe mode 1,2 & 3
The same result all the time.
I tried 4 different Firewirecards in the computer. Same result and i of course changed the cable. Always same result.

Then I used a mac computer with OS 10.7,5 and used the driver 1.10 (88694) Firmware 88685 .
32 channels shows up
But when I try to connect with Cubase no available input/output port i comes up. No sound gets through.
I dont know what to do?


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