Fixed up a TASCAM DS-M7.1


Dec 25, 2021
Gear owned
DM-4800, -24, X-48, r250n
Just a quick post - I just fixed up a TASCAM DS-M7.1 Surround monitoring unit. I got it for parts and had to replace a few capacitors but I had good luck and what a lovely machine! Very useful controller, features stereo downmix and a lot of other useful features.

They run hot, so I am interested to see how it does over time but for now, it is fun mixing in surround on the DM-4800/DM-24 - when I move to and from stereo mixing all I have to do is change modes and unlink one buss pair out of the 6 used for 5.1 surround or add in the second side pair for a custom 7.1 myself. I put it on my interface so I can route whatever I want thru it’s ‘console’, ‘recorder’ and ‘master recorder’ slots (TDIF or AES-EBU in my case. Can recommend!
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