In a bit of a quandary


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Jun 30, 2024

New member here and hoping I can get some insights from the forum hive-mind…

I currently use Logic on a 2014 iMac. I record audio and MIDI and use a mixture of software instruments and external synths.

Recently I’ve found Logic to be less and less reliable as it seems to have conniptions if I make the slightest change to my MIDI set up. I’m also wondering how long the iMac has left before it starts to show its age and so I’ve started to consider my options.

I used to have a Zoom R16 which I really enjoyed and that’s made me think about moving away from the DAW for recording and get a DP32SD.

My thinking is to use a DP to record the audio tracks from my guitar and external synths and then port all the tracks to Logic for final mastering and mixing.

The only issue I can see is that there’s no way to record the MIDI data from my external synths along with the audio.

I’m not bothered about syncing MIDI or sequencing MIDI performances - but I do want to capture MIDI notes as I play so that I can edit and tweak if needed.

Is anyone doing something similar and if so, what are you using to capture the MIDI data?

Or is there anything else in the Tascam range (or elsewhere) that might suit me better?

Or is there anything in the pipeline that might be worth waiting for?

Thanks in advance…
And the new Zoom R20 has a MIDI record capability which might just do the trick. Shame that Tascam don't have anything similar. Unless there’s something in the works?

Even if it just supported GM voices, a basic MIDI record/playback function would be perfect (for my needs, anyway)
There's no way to natively record MIDI with any Tascam reorder that I am aware of. Phil Tipping has done videos on how to use a MIDI sync box with a DP-32SD that may be useful in some way.

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