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    Tascam m520
    Hi... I just got this wonderful desk. I replaced the wooden sides. Cleaned all nicely. Added new bulbs... BUT the Master Faders are totally worn out. And Ideas where to find those. How to replace them. Any Idea helps.

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    I think they are Alps parts and you will need to look for a quad sized fader or whatever number of tracks they do at the same time. I think I saw some multiple channel faders at mouser once.
    If you change then with more Alps parts you might as well get a bunch as they will wear out faster too. The real good products like PR&E Radio Consoles used a higher grade 100mm fader (Penny and Giles) that is still available today. Of course the upgrade idea is to take a optical encoder and make the faders digital. Then all you need do is move them and they respond. I don't know if they make optical encoders for linear faders but they did the job for the monitor out on a PR&E board and it would never need servicing again. PR&E refers to Pacific Recorders and Engineering which was a very famous board for radio. Now days the systems use control surfaces that connect to audio control engines.

    Find the size of the length of the fader and go looking for linear faders- I bet they are still out there somewhere. I have a M50 and M520 myself here too.