Mastering To Tape Through Sub Out (Model 12) In DAW Mode Not Working For me

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Jun 7, 2024
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Hey fellow audiophiles, I'm encountering a snag trying to route a signal from the Model 12 to my recently refurbished Akai GX-4000D tape deck. My aim is to tape my music using the Akai, but it seems the Model 12 isn't transmitting anything to it via the sub outputs. I've connected the sub out 1/4 jacks to the Akai's RCA L/R inputs, routed the Akai's output back into channels 9/10 on the Model 12, but alas, no luck. No signal seems to be reaching the Akai through the sub outputs. Could there be a setting I'm overlooking? I'm currently in DAW mode since my songs/tracks are in Ableton. The main outputs from the Tascam are directed to my studio monitors and pre recorded music from the Akai plays through the Model 12 perfectly. I also sent a signal from my DFAM directly into the AKAI and that recorded just fine. So, shouldn't the sub outputs be suitable for this setup? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!
Did you assign anything to the subs?
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Hello, for each channel I have the Sub buttons armed/pressed. How do I go about signing a channel to the subs? Thank you!
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So in order to mix down from Ableton to tape, I will have to use the MAIN outs to tape which will then eliminate my studio monitors. Is that right? Do you know of any work around? What about using Aux outs perhaps? This just seems to be something that should be an option on a unit of this caliber, especially from Tascam.
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It's a nice idea to print your mix on a glorious reel-to-reel tape recorder, I happen to have an Akai 4000DS (still in need of some restoration).
The simplest workaround is attaching your monitors to the Akai GX-4000 outputs and switch the monitor selector to Source to hear the mix before it is recorded on tape. Flip the monitor selector to Tape to hear the recorded mix.
Unfortunately Tascam didn't fit a Control Room section on the Model 12 as they did on the M16 & M24.
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Oh, really? How cool. You will get a kick out of this... About two weeks back, I got my hands on an Akai GX-4000D! Been giving her some TLC. Just waiting for a set of wood side panels I snagged on eBay for 50 bucks, which is $50 more than what I paid for her. She wasn't functioning when I got her, so this has been quite an enjoyable project bringing her back to life. Though she's a tad noisy, as many of these models tend to be, which might pose a challenge for proper mixing when connecting monitors through her. Having a control room section would've been convenient. Or simply allowing the sub or aux outs to engage in DAW mode seems like a no-brainer to me.
Wood side panels and head cover plate coming soon.


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Congratulations, it looks in great shape. Rubber parts degrade over time and will need closer inspection especially the pinch roller, thankfully replacements are easy to find on the Bay. I'm not sure about finding NIB tapes, I got the impression they are rare today.
Thank you. The older woman i picked this unit up from included one blank and 8 others with music, mainly Christmas music on them. And some songs she recorded from the radio from the 80's, so that has been fun to go through. Parts aren't cheap for these.

I'm going to try getting in touch with Tascam to ask what they suggest. there must be many out there who want to send their mixes out in DAW mode. Someone mentioned "PC Mode" will allow the DAW to function and that the sub outs work, but I'm not familiar with "PC Mode" per say, just the PC switch on each channel. Are you familiar with "PC Mode" on these?
Thank you for your help and the links, my friend. I have been watching quite a few tutorials and have learned a lot from them, unfortunately I have learned so far that the sub outs will not work in DAW mode so am looking for a work around. For now it looks like I have to create an mp3 then get out of DAW mode after mixing down to mp3, then set the Tascam in "mixer mode" in order for the sub outs to work. But at least I don't have to plug the main outs into the Akai every time, so that's a good start!
Why mp3? It's a lossy format and definitely not suitable if you plan to transfer your mix onto tape. You may want to render the mix in wav format before sending it to the tape recorder or, if you have no more than 10 tracks to mix, render the individual tracks to wav format and import them into a Model 12 song for mixdown (MTR mode).
A passive monitor controller like the Mackie Big Knob or Behringer Studio M could save you from the repetitive plug-unplug job.
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Yes, wav for sure! Such a great idea rendering each track. I will experiment with that tonight. Thank you for your help on this.
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Have fun making music!
Final note: user manual for the Akai GX-4000D can be downloaded for free at (subscription needed), service manual available at
@D. Tempest, I suggest using the Behringer Studio XL monitor controller. Not only will you be able to monitor USB sources, there are I\Os for 2-track recording and playback. You could connect your M12 main outs to the monitor controller and use the controller to manage the 2-track. Plus you could also monitor the DAW from the USB. I have one and I cannot say enough good about the device. It takes the place of a Control Room section of the console. I use it with both of my consoles and they have Control Room sections. It's just so much easier to control the master volume of all the monitors and consoles in a single place. It's VCA controlled so the degradation of the volume potentiometer does not affect the stereo field (which is the main reason why I chose his particular monitor controller). I've owned JBL and Mackie controllers and the Studio XL beats all of them. Plus it's a very handsome piece of gear.
That's excellent advice. I really appreciate you taking the time to figure out a solution to my problem. I'm a fan of Behringer, in fact just purchased a Model D, so looked into the Studio XL monitor controller, and yes it is quite attractive and would solve my issue. I think I'm gonna need a bigger desk.
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You are certainly welcome. I depend upon mine daily, not only for music production with my mixing console, but also when doing direct USB source media, like video editing.

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