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Nov 15, 2023
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Model 12
1. Does this come with an SD card? I can't find one in the box and there isn't one in the card slot.

2. The manual says to connect monitor speakers to the sub outputs. This is my first mixer. Why do you connect speakers to sub instead of main?
Welcome to the forum. Be sure to read the New Users sticky thread for important information, and look over the other sticky threads for info that can help new owners use the mixer effectively.

Does this come with an SD card?
Model 12 Owner Manual (OM) page 8 in the one I'm looking at
Items included with this product
o Main unit.............................................................................................. x 1
o AC adaptor (TASCAM PS-M1524A)................................................. x 1
o Cord for AC adapter (JAPAN USA/EUROPE/AUSTRALIA).......... x 3
o Owner’s Manual (this document) including warranty................ x 1

About SD cards (OM page 10)
This unit uses SD cards for recording and playback.
This unit can use SD cards that are Class 10 or higher and
compatible with SD, SDHC or SDXC standards.
A list of SD cards that have been confirmed for use with this unit
can be found on our web site. Please access to a product page of
this product from the TEAC Global Site (
to find the list or contact the TASCAM customer support service.

Why do you connect speakers to sub instead of main?
Don't own one, but the Model series has been designed as front-of-house mixers.
My guess
  • The XLR Main Output are meant for the PA system amp (or powered speakers) stereo house mix (MIX L/R on the 2Track master recorder: Tracks 11/12); and
  • The Sub Out are intended for connection to a stereo amplifier (or powered speakers) for monitoring the multitrack recorder's Tracks 1~10 independently of the stereo house mix.
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@PeterT what @Mark Richards said. No SD card included means you can pick your preferred brand and size, just take a look at the list of approved cards before buying

You can liberally connect your monitors to either Main or SUB output, the choice may depend on the particular way you want to: mix, record, remix or overdub a pre-recorded session. Sadly Tascam didn't give the Model 12 a separate Control Room fader+output as found on its bigger siblings, hence the "clever" suggestion from the manual. The Model 12 is flexible enough to serve different tasks, just take the time to learn how the various parts work and how they can fit in your workflow.
PeterT, your welcome.

Max and I volunteered our valuable time responding to your questions. A simple click on "Like" is all it would have taken to acknowledge our effort to help you.;)

Best of luck exploring your new mixer.
I'm a new and proud owner or a Model 12, and also new to using a mixer at all. I'm an IT person, so I went for the Model 12 because of the USB integration and multitrack recording capabilities.

It's been a month, and I'm starting to get the hang of productively using the Model 12 to record multitrack recordings, play background music, etc. The inherent flexibility means this is not going to be something you learn right away.

Here's a video that helped to get me excited and to stay up for hours learning this device:

Thank you to everyone else for helping out.

Robert Burgoyne, Bronx, NYC
@J Robert Burgoyne, welcome to the Tascam Forums. Be sure and let us hear what you are doing with it!

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