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May 5, 2024
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Hoping for a little critique. I'm enjoying the hell out of the Model 24. it's really fun to use. Not hooked up to a DAW yet, just SD card only. The song is not mastered, just the Stereo Mix from the Model 24. All opinions welcome. I already know the hats are too loud as it's a stereo mix for the drums (Electronic Kit). Wondering what you guys think about the overall mix levels between instruments ?
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I'm curious why you didn't post this in the forum for song/production critique. I'll wait for your reply before I move it.
I previously posted a song a few days ago and was kindly directed to the recording 101 thread for future critiques.
I just looked up my first thread. Nobody suggested I post new songs to the Recording 101 forum, just directed there so I could learn some more basics. Must have had it in my head that that's where I should post things. My mistake.
I moved it to the proper forum - no harm done.

Now, let's talk about the tune! I like it and the spectrum is nice. It has a nice live feel to it. Performances are good and levels are good too. Well done!
Keep going!
I agree with mj. That's impressive. You have a good ear for levels, balance, spectrum, sound stage, depth. It sounds so like a natural, live performance I half expected audience applause at the end. :)

Some things to play with for individual tracks (not the stereo mix as a whole):

Small EQ setting differences in the 700Hz- 2kHz range can help separate each of the guitar tracks a bit in the stereo mix without changing the overall mix balance.​
Adding a small mount of bottom to the bass track at about 90 Hz and taking away some of the bass track in the 200 Hz region could give a bit more definition to the bass and help it better support the stereo mix.​

Subtle EQ adjustments like those can help also to create more overall clarity to the stereo mix.

I would bring the vocals a bit more forward in the stereo mix simply because I really like how you've recorded and mixed them. ;)
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Thank you!. This feedback will help immensely. I have the acoustic panned right about 2 and the electric washed with more reverb panned almost hard left. With the exception of cutting the lows out of the acoustic track, I really didn't touch the EQ on the guitars, but I will make the suggested adjustments there and on the bass track too. The whole song was mixed on the Model 24 (including effects), no DAW. Recalling the settings isn't possible, but I will remix and see how it comes out.

Thanks again to you and mj.
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Andy, good paperwork makes for good engineering. I've gone totally e-ink in my studio but you should take the time to document every setting on the mixer for recall purposes, with a Mix Sheet. If you're good with a word processor, it can be fun creating your own documentation for it. You'll need a column for each channel strip and a section for the FX, etc. You can make a separate Mix Sheet for each mix you do, and the Track Sheet will keep track of the recording process.
MJ, great suggestions. Years ago I saw that the Mix Wizard had (and still does) a cue sheet to mark the mixdown settings. A&H's "cue sheet" is a drawing of the mixer. Attached for reference. The Tascam Model 24 has a b/w print of the mixer in the manual. I think I can print multiple copies and use that to mark up each mix.

So two docs per recording....A track sheet and a mixdown sheet. I feel like I've moved into the 70's, happily where I want to be....


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I also have a Mastering sheet to keep track of the Mastering sessions. But yeah!

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