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May 10, 2023
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I picked this 10 song list of my music created with Airgigs musicians based on tempo and feel.
The goals were
1) try not to sound like other artists
2) make mostly up-tempo, feel good songs
3) learn more about recording

Should have a second album out within a few months. Already have seven songs fully recorded for it and I intend between 12 to 14 in total. It's been a great experience that started here. Thanks for all of the help and input.
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Badazz. Great stuff, and very well done! :cool:

EDIT @Slugworth: I just had to add how freekin' ossum it is that you're so successfully/effectively utilizing remote participants. My efforts in that realm have not gone well.🫤
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Thanks Shredd. The interaction and communications with the Airgigs musicians and Mariano (engineer) has been a great experience along with creating the songs.

One of the coolest parts for me are the times when inadvertent parts or mistakes get recognized and then eventually turn into improvements or alternative ideas.
Steve, thank you for the kind words. All of my songs were edited (including quantizing), mixed and mastered by a gentleman named Mariano

I asked him what he equipment he uses about nine months ago when we first started and this was his reply "
"Nick, I hope you're doing well. I'm excited to offer you my mixing and mastering services to enhance your songs. The DAWs I frequently use are Pro Tools and Cubase. I also have a variety of plugins, including the Waves package, Izotope Bundle, State Digital, Fab Filter, and Soundtoys, among others. The choice of tools depends on the project and the appropriate application of each.

Regarding equipment, I use a Presonus console with Firewire audio interface, professional audio monitors, also from Presonus, and Sennheiser mixing headphones.
As this is our first collaboration, I'd be happy to provide you with a free demo mix for you to assess my skills. Additionally, in my services, I offer unlimited revisions, meaning we can tweak the mix as many times as needed until you're completely satisfied."

We've worked together on 17 completed songs and have a about three in progress currently.
I record bass, guitar and vocals on a small Tascam DP008EX and then edit and mix tracks on Bandlab for ease of use. Mariano's mixes are much cleaner and clearer than any attempts I made on Bandlab.

This is one in progress. Ivan (drummer) also plays saxophone. I wanted to create a punk(ish) song and his sax playing works well for a call and response groove, Bandlab link
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The first seven songs in this link will be on the next Spotify album.
Tracy (singer) on "More To Say" and "My Mind Is" is an amazing piano and guitar player in addition to her vocals. She plays violin also, but I haven't heard her play yet.
That's my simpleton keyboard playing on My Mind Is. She is a concert level pianist.

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