My first DM-24! but Soloing seems impossible....?


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Jun 24, 2024
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TM-D8000, DM-24, MS-16
Hey all,
I'm a veteran of Tascam gear for decades. Recently my TM-D8000 gave up the ghost,
so I bought a used but well maintained DM-24 so I can keep my studio going.

I've got almost everything figured except SOLOING of singles or groups of channels.
I've consulted the manual a lot..... how do I get the little red "SOLO" light to come on in
the Monitor section.

I've set up SOLOing in different ways, DEFEAT off/on, PFL, InPlace and even set up MUTE and FADER groups
and a MASTER group to rule them, to no avail. I don't see a way to simply solo a channel through Stereo.

This eludes me.
oh man, I just saw the SOLO button above the Stereo (Main) fader.
That's what I missed. I'll go try it right now.
That was it. Mission accomplished.

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