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    Feb 2020
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    Hey all

    I'm new here with a problem and looking for some help if possible please.

    i too am a proud FW1884 owner for about 5 years , it replaced my 01x and i've never bee happier wit it, i dunno why i never invested in this when it first came out.

    Anyway my issue is approx a week ago, i started experienced some jittering and spike issues.
    Anyway the other day whilst trying to do my own diagnosis, i messed with the clock sources on the FW 1884 and my Octopre LE and whilst experiencing the flashing intermittent clock source light, the Adat light started flashing non stop, it did this for like 3 minutes and then it went out,stopped flasind, dead.
    I restarted my PC and all my gear and the mixer's adat light flashed (like it did before) and then went out again.
    Now when i turn on the mixer,no adat light. ARRRRGGGHHHHHHH

    I can switch to the internal clock on the software and the mixer / daw controls work fine.
    I've yet to test the inputs /mic pres etc but my guess here is that something is wrong with the adat connection or the clock.
    Who else has had or is having this problem?
    What do you think could be or is the issue and do you have a solution?
    Which of you experts can help me with an answer?
    Help me Please!!

    All help and assistance is and will be greatly appreciated.
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