No transport buttons functioning on Tascam 464


Nov 5, 2019
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My 464 had some transport button issues (play, FF etc.) but it used to work after a while somehow.

Took it out of storage after a few years of non use to find out the buttons completely stopped functioning.

I replaced the buttons on the PCB as some didn't respond well or not at all hoping this would resolve the issue but unfortunately it didn't.

Sofar I haven't managed to find a similar issue on the internet 😔
Okay, so I wiggled the gear on the left side and it started functioning again, yay!

But it's giving a stuttering sound, sure someone will recognize it. I've added a link to clip for clarity:

Gears were clean and in good condition, added lube, but the resistance / stutter seems in the metal plates, which I can feel when pushing manually. I don't feel this stutter is normal:

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