ReWire 32-bit Reason to your 64-bit DAW (Windows)

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    Once I started using the 64-bit version of Cubase, I could no longer ReWire my 32-bit version of Reason 4. I didn't want to upgrade just so I could ReWire and I didn't need the additional DAW functionality. I wanted to keep the simplicity of the original Reason which is a virtual synth rack & sequencer. The app linked below allows me to ReWire Reason 4 to Cubase 9 using Windows 10. I've translated the README file which was originally in Japanese.

    32-bit Bridge download:

    ReWire 64-32 Bridge

    A 64-bit ReWire compatible Mixer application (DAW such as SONAR or CUBASE)
    A 32-bit version of ReWire compatible device (sound source such as VOCALOID 2 Editor)
    ReWire connection will be available. Up to 32 32-bit ReWire Devices can be used simultaneously in your 64b-bit DAW host.

    Install Instructions:
    Unzip the ZIP file and run Setup.exe.
    Make sure all options are checked and agree to the terms and conditions to proceed with the installation.

    To change the 32-bit ReWireDevice settings:
    [Start] [All Programs] and launch ReWire 64-32 Bridge

    Uninstall Instructions:
    Select [Start] [All Programs] [ReWire 64 - 32 Bridge] [Uninstall ReWire 64 - 32 Bridge]

    Required system: Windows 7 x64 version / Windows Vista x64 version/ Windows 10
    (Although it may work on Windows XP x64 version, I have not tried it)
    Operation confirmed DAW: SONAR 8.3, SONAR X 1 d, CUBASE ELEMENTS 6, Studio One 2
    Operation confirmed sound source: VOCALOID 2 Editor
    (For VOCALOID 3, use V64Sync with x64 driver, so please use it)

    YouTube Instructional:
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    Thanks for this -- I installed it and was able to ReWire Reason 5 with Cubase 11. I noticed Reaper now appears as an option for me as well.