Tascam 488 mk1 erase issues

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    Sep 2018
    488 mk1
    Hi everyone, it’s my first post on the forum as a new tascam user which I will admit is a little in desperation as I didn’t know where else to turn but hope I can contribute later.

    I recently picked up a used 488 and while most of the functionality is perfect, it will only fully erase on tracks 1&6. If I try overdubbing on other tracks it will either just slightly lower the volume of the original (with blank noise) or just end up a jumbled mess (with another instrument)

    I have cleaned the heads thoroughly and demagnetised. I then opened up the machine and spent some time studying the boards until I found all the erase head connections, disconnected and cleaned with electronics cleaner and reseated. I also cleaned a lot of the other connections. In general though, the insides seem to be very clean and in good shape. Unfortunately this didn’t seem to solve the issue.

    I noticed that tracks 1&6 are next to each other on one end of the circuit board - surely this has something to do with it and leads me to believe it’s not an erase head issue..?

    I’d really appreciate if anyone has any advice on this, thanks!