Tascam 488 MKII mod: 8 direct-outs


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Apr 28, 2024
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234 Syncaset, 488 MKII
Has anyone here ever had a modification done on a 488 MKII to get 8 direct-outs? Someone on eBay is offering that service. You send your unit, they install 8 direct-outs (or 8 post-fader outs, if you choose so) and send your unit back to you.

(They also mod other Tascam portastudios)
Closest thing: I had someone replace the RCA outputs of my ZOOM MRS with 1/4"; better quality connectors available for those. Wouldn’t mind if I could do that to my DP-32, but don’t wanna crack the case open for that.

That said: two words: "Get. References." I'd be veeeery reluctant to let someone mess with my treasured gear - let alone pay them to - unless I was 1000% assured their work was genuine and quality, not some benchtop hacker-job.
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Well, that's exactly what I was hoping for: references, here on the Tascam forum. I read four testimonies from satisfied customers in the eBay feedback of the seller, all four about that 488 MKII mod. But I am - like you - veeeery careful ;-)
I have no familiarity with the 488's innards - perhaps it's a simple internal wiring re-direction or something similar - and the screengrab you posted seems to imply that this is a procedure that they've got figured out...but again, I'd be pretty apprehensive about letting someone re-arranging MY innards!!!

They seem legit...and lots of feedback - clearly they're "in business", well-established. But considering what's being proposed - I'm not sure I'd be entirely comfortable - again, you're talking about major elective surgery on your unit.

Then again - I'm the single most internet-paranoid individual in existence. Under the influence of a coupla Flatliners, I'd probably suggest the reviews were A.I.-generated.:oops:
I dunno how it is in the N'Lands...but in the US, there are people on eBay who would sell the rights to harvest your vital organs if they thought they could get away with it (even though eBay discourages this sort of thing, even here!).
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