Tascam DP-008EX won't turn on anymore... almost

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    Sep 2019
    Tascam DP-008EX
    So I was using my Tacsam with a universal adapter to plug it in. Given it's universal, the tip can be removed so I used to leave it in the machine when I needed the adapter for something else. One day I wanted to plug the wire into the tip but I was backwards. The tip's came into contact with the wire backwards so the machine got positive into the negative and negative into positive for half a second. Sadly it never turned back on.

    So I opened it up to see if there was some sort of inversion protection fuse but I haven't found one. Strangely, after I put the machine back together and tried to start it again, the screen turned on, the buttons on the bottom flashed red, just like it did when it would usually turn on. But the firmware never kicks in. It's like I'm trying to start a computer with no OS installed only when I let go of the "On/Off" button, it turns back off.

    I added a video that shows what it does. Does anyone have any idea on how I could fix this? Or is my machine dead?