TASCAM Mixcast 4 only recording to mono


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Mar 31, 2024
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I recently purchased a Mixcast 4 and have two dynamic mics attached to XLR ports 1 and 2. Each will only record to mono, #1 to the left only and #2 to the right only. I have tried every setting and adjustment I can think of to get it to record to stereo, not just mono, but with no success. How can I fix this?
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A stereo image is created by proper placement of the mono mics 1 & 2.

Generally speaking, when pointed toward and relative to the source being recorded, the farther apart the mics are, or the wider the mics are angled away from each other from a central point, the wider the stereo image.

In the very simplest of terms:
The source sounds that are stronger in the left mic provide the left side of the image.
The source sounds that are stronger in the right mic provide the right side of the image.
The source sounds that are equally strong in both mics provide the center of the image.
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Like Mark says; looks like you have stereo, the way you describe it. One mic for left and one mic for right - and then the placement decides the stereo image. Unless your 2 dynamic mics are each a stereo mic..?

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