Tascam PA-R200 Menu Problems - Help!


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May 12, 2014
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Hello All,

I recently got a TASCAM PA-R200 (http://tascam.com/product/pa-r200/) and everything works great besides the menus. It seems the the menus and submenus are not mapped correctly.:mad:

In the pictures below you will notice that I can select "blank" menu options which lead to incorrect sub-menus:


For example, in the first picture there are a couple of issues (please refer to the chart below):


1. if I choose the "4. Digital Audio Input" option it takes me to "1-4 Composite Video Input" .
2. You will notice that "Composite Video Input" is not even an option
3. If I choose the blank option it takes me to "4. Digital Audio Input."
4. It seems that each menu item links to the one right above it

I get the same issues in sub-menus as well. If i go to the level correction sub-menu all the speakers refer to the speaker above it. For example if the list shows:

1. Front Left
2. Center
3. Front Right
4: Rear Right
5. Rear Left
6. Subwoofer

If I choose Center it will adjust Front Left. If i choose Subwoofer it will adjust Rear Left. Basically same issue as above as the menus refer to the item above it.

Here is a video of the menu issue in action:

I was able to reset the receiver to factory default and it fixed the issue for about a week before it popped back up.

Does anyone have ANY thoughts regarding this? I would really appreciate the help.

Thank you

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