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BRADEL Christophe

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Aug 13, 2020
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Hi my friends !:)
I am happy to return to this forum to present this new piece to you, after a long time spent reorganizing my studio and having bought new synthesizers, which I had to get to grips with before getting back to composing.
As usual, recording, mixing and mastering are done solely on the Tascam DP32sd. The recording was done in a single take (after several rehearsals of course!)

It was awesome filming the recording of this track! This time, YOU CAN SEE ME PLAYING !:D
Some precisions :
Turn up the volume and listen to the piece on a good system to enjoy the bass of the Sequential Take
The beautiful voice at the beginning and end of the piece comes from the Heavyocity Vocalise III software played on the computer placed on the left above the Tascam (controlled with the Arturia keystep which is placed on the Nordlead A1).The choirs in the background (beginning and middle of the track) are played on the MPC One on the right hand side

I hope you like it, I'm doing my best but...still progress to be made, certainly.;)
Well done once again, Christopher. I became completely immersed in the textures of your soundscape.

Using Sennheiser HD 660S and Audeze Sine audiophile headphones, to my ears the high end of the voice at the conclusion might be just a tad too prominent, but overall, balanced nicely. I particularly like how you've layered the bass.

I also enjoyed watching you create this piece in real time.
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Hello Mark, :)

I'm very happy that you generally liked it.
I'm not surprised by what you say about the vocals at the end, because it's true that I really wanted it to stand out in the mix... and maybe I went a little too hard !

I'm glad you liked my work on the bass because it was complicated to mix that, I had to bring out that bass sound, and that's not easy; I think a real pro would have done this better than me.;)

Thank you again for these constructive comments.
I hope all your projects go well.:)

I like anything done in the studio with tea candles for ambient lighting!
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Great stuff again, @BRADEL Christophe! Nice also to see it created live. The voice at the end stands out, but you already said it was on purpose. I love the bass sound from the Take 5 starting just before 8:00 - and all in all the general mix is good, well balanced. What is that synth at your right hand with the string sounds? Great sound too! As is the Vocalise III: beautiful.
Thank you very much Arjan ! You're right, the basses of the Sequential Take 5 are great, it's a powerful synthesizer... The synths on the right side are, from top to bottom : Novation PEAK, Arturia Minifreak, and ASM Hydrasynth. I have a lot to explore on those devices...:)
Thank you again Arjan, I hope your projects are going well :)
Ah, Arjan, actualy the strings starting at 4:50 are played on the red NordleadA1 on my left hand side ; in the same time, I play choirs of the MPC One (which is on the extreme right side) with my right hand on the Hydrasynth😊 ... I hope I'm clear:p it can be difficult to explain.😅
No, it must be the Minifreak then, it's the 3 octave synth. But they all sound great! :)
Yes Arjan, I looove the sound of the Minifreak, this synth is incredible for its price...
The oscillators have some very powerful modulations functions, you can make beautiful sounds very easily.:)

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