Two if-ae/dm trade

Angel Colon

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Jan 8, 2024
Gear owned
Tascam DM-24
Hello all,

My name is Angel, and I'm brand new to the forum. I live in Cincinnati OH and I am an owner of a DM-24 that has two IF-AE/DM AES/EBU cards. I never used them because I just don't use AES/EBU (the came with the board when I purchased it).

I'd like to get the ADAT boards instead, the IF-AD/DM's.

If anyone is willing to make a trade, let me know. Not sure if anyone has a need for the AES/EBU boards.

I'm willing to trade both for the IF-FW/DM but I know that's probably not a trade anyone would do.

Thanks for the consideration!
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