US-16x08 - Linux

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    Jun 2019
    TASCAM US-16x08
    Here's the case ...

    I've downloaded some code from here ;

    It's some stuff for the US-16x08 USB Audio-Interface
    to be configured in a Linux OS.

    To be exact ...

    GTK+ based application to control Tascam US-16x08 DSP mixer
    LV2 plugin to control Tascam US-16x08 interface via custom alsa driver
    Android app to control Ardour via OSC for live mixing and recording
    patch file to add Tascam US16x08 mixer support to kernel driver snd-usb-audio

    Now sure as hell I know myself I'm not a coder (never have been and quite possibly will never be), so now comes the big question ;

    What exactly do I have to do to make those lines of code to executable programs ?