Your favorite bass guitar?


May 10, 2023
Gear owned
I am partial to G&L Tribute JB style basses for their quality and price. Best bridge in the biz (imo).
I also like ESP LTD B-4E for an active p/u style bass. Your favorite(s)?
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Yupp...I'mma gunna haveta say: "yuh-huh...she kin sing all right...".

Now...I've made a habit of gracing my recordings with my Gilbert Gottfried-caliber vocals...but maybe I could sign her up for my birthday party?!?🤪
Sting signature bass. The only bass I have and have ever played. When I need bass, it delivers.
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I had a Peavey Cirrus for a buncha years...pretty tasty plank. Played great, sounded amazin'. Neck-through 5-piece neck, 24 frets, active p'ups, active 3-band EQ, and a killer bridge (highly adjustable, and could anchor strings either on top or through-body). And GORGEOUS Tiger-eye maple top...somethin' like this...

Sold it...'cuz I'm poor and while I love playing bass, I live in the middle of nowhere and no one wants me to play for/with them. So now I have a standard-issue Ibanez SoundGear bass, just so I have something to play on recordings...🤷‍♂️
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Fender P Bass... Been there since the beginning. Copied, cloned, widely imitated, but there is nothing like the solid low end of a P bass!
The Marcus Miller-series Sire P5. A P-bass that is wonderful to play and I think it is a very good ratio between price > quality.
A P-bass No bells or whistles but it gets the job done.


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