ZIP drive with the 788?

Kirk Anderson

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Jan 16, 2024
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The manual (p. 18) suggests a ZIP or JAZ drive for backup or storage from the Tascam 788. Has anyone here tried this? My proprietary CD-R burner is failing.
Here's part of an answer to my own question, new today.
SYSTEM CHECK... FAIL!! is what my 788 does with a ZIP drive plugged into it via the SCSI-2 port. It won't boot with the drive connected, ZIP disk inserted or not.
I made sure to connect everything and turn on the ZIP drive before booting the 788.
Dunno if this'll help (same info is likely available in O/M)...but I often read Sound-On-Sound magazine's reviews - even for old gear - because they're pretty comprehensive recaps.
The one on the 788 suggests that a external SCSI CD-R/CD-RW can be connected...
Given the pretty spotty reliability record of ZIP drives, perhaps that'd be a better solution?
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Thanks for your reply. Compatible CD-R drives were made only by Tascam. Today they are rare & expensive. I have one, and it worked fine until recently.

Since posting about my failed experiment with the ZIP drive, I've learned that those come as parallel and as SCSI, distinguishable by a pair of switches near the connectors on the rear. I need to try the SCSI version instead.

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