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    Nov 2013
    Help! My Tascam DP-008 Digital Recorder is suddenly saying "Fileerr:0805FF" when I try to access a partition on my SD card. All of the other partitions are fine- I can access them- but not the one I am trying to access.

    I was listening to a song in the partition and turned off the recorder and unplugged it to move it but when I turned it back on it went to the wrong partition. I tried to get it to go to the partition in question but it said the above and said to "Power Off" so I did.

    I have tried unplugging the machine, taking out the SD card and putting it back in, and I can access the other partitions, but I can't access the partition in question.

    Help, I have over 2 dozen songs in the partition, many of them originals, and I can't afford to lose them!

    Can you help?

    Thank you