IF-AE cards

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    Mar 2018
    tascam dm 3200
    Hi everyone , iam not a newbie but i like to ask something that on the web cant find to many answers,i own dm3200 with firewire card actualy i like to upgrade to something else but still to keep posibilities on mixer and those are my question
    1.How many channels is on if/ae card (ins/outs) on 96 khz ?
    2.How i can connect this card to apogee a/d to i achieve maximum channel count from mixer ?
    3.How many return channels i will have d/a if i have 2 cards if/ae
    4.Best solutions of ad/da for make this work on tascam as it should
    5.How to connect everything above to achieve best results
    Thank you for your time and sorry about my English