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    Oct 2016
    Hello all,
    I've just signed up to this little forum after instantly finding the answer to my problem about taking out the SD card from my new DP 24 and plugging it straight into my laptop. I can - Thanks.
    How amazing and easy this equipment is these days. I'm one of the old boys who started on the original 'Portstudio 144' which was when dinosaurs were still about. And when I say 'dinosaurs, I'm not talking about myself.
    I have recently up-graded to this DP-24 from a 10 year old Boss BR-1600 and to be honest, at first I had a terrible feeling that I'd accidentally down-graded. This was mainly because of the lack of effects during mixdown. On the Boss its simple to use Comp/reverb/echo on every track in any combination you like and have different set ups on each track when on the DP-24 you are very limited. But in the few recordings I've done I really haven't missed them. Maybe the with the Boss there was just too many knobs to twiddle with which is probably why I always felt I wanted to do more and found it hard to stop.
    Anyway, very pleased with my new toy and I'm sure I'll spend a lot of time on this page.
    Regards, Steve.
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