TASCAM DM-3200 / DM-4800 as Broadcast Console ?

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    Looked around, searched back through the archives & found nothing specific on this.

    I may want to press my own DM-3200 console into service (at times) as a broadcast type of mixer. Radio station / interview style situation, having guests in the studio.

    One of the main functions missing from a "normal" board that broadcast consoles have as standard, is to mute or dim the studio monitors when a guest mic is activated.

    The host may have cans on, but typically guests do not, so this automatic muting of the studio monitor feed is required as soon as one of the guest mics goes hot.

    May be a number of ways to do this, perhaps the easiest is to simply mute (or lower) the studio feed manually. I've got to look at the DM-3200 carefully, but there may be a way to use the on-board dynamics ducking (side chain triggering) to make this happen.

    I know that the DM-3200 is fairly complex in it's capability & wonder if there is this functionality built in somewhere. Would not surprise me. Is anyone using one of these mixers in a broadcast type of setting?

    Thanks . . . and Rock On ~!