TASCAM US-2000 not working after volume peak

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    Nov 2018
    TASCAM US-2000
    Hi all,

    For a few years, I have recorded with a TASCAM US-2000 audio interface. It has served me well. However, today when I was recording bass, I peaked. Presumably, the signal overloaded the entire device, because Pro Tools immediately had to shut down, and now all the interface does when I turn it on is make a cracking noise. It also prevents Pro Tools from opening, presumably because it can't establish a connection to the US-2000, which further worries me that I may have broken it.

    I tried everything. I tried shutting down and restarting the computer, unplugging the US-2000, dusted it off... basically doing everything aside from taking apart the interface itself and messing with the insides (I'm not experienced enough with electronics to do that).

    Does anyone know a way in which I can fix my problem, or is it broken for good?

    Thanks in advance.