TASCAM US 20x20 not really a USB 3.0 interface (for Macs)

Discussion in 'USB PC Audio Interfaces and Control Surfaces' started by dchalfon, Oct 21, 2018.

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    Jul 2018
    tascam us20x20
    TASCAM advertises the US 20x20 as a 3.0 USB with reduced latency, and so on.
    but in fact it is only a 3.0 USB on a Win10 machine, not on Macs.
    My MacBook Pro 15 (late 2014, with 10.13.6 system) rates it with a 480mpbs connection (which means USB 2.0).

    Since TASCAM has not updated the firmware for a loooooong time now, it seems like a pretty bad marketing strategy.

    Their customer support takes forever to reply and is unable to give a convincing answer.

    obviously latency is not better than any other usb 2.0 interface (maybe even worse).