Teac 144 portastudio hum

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    Oct 2017
    Teac 144 Portastudio
    i Just picked up a used teac 144 portastudio and there is a hum (sounds like when a guitar cable isn’t properly connected) when it’s in the “tape cue” setting (sound goes away in “remix” setting).

    It also causes the VU meters for channel 1 and/or 2 to bounce around even without any input. This symptom is intermittent and sometimes goes away after it warms up.

    Is this a common problem with these old units?

    Some notes:
    - All tracks/channels record & playback
    - hum doesn’t record to tape

    It seems like a bad ground connection somewhere, visually everything looked okay inside, how can I test this?

    Also, would a blown component (cap, resistor, etc) cause a ground issue or am I mainly looking for a bad wire/solder joint?

    Lots of questions, I’m a noob and it’s been a while since high school tech class.