2 US16x08 units at once possible?

Discussion in 'USB PC Audio Interfaces and Control Surfaces' started by Curtis Fisher, Jul 28, 2020.

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    Feb 2018
    Tascam Dp-24
    Is the general consensus still that using two identical US16x08 units at once is still impossible on Windows 10 based on the limitation of ASIO drivers?

    In an ages old thread (which does not make any end result clear) about the same topic, someone had gotten this response from a TASCAM rep which still makes absolutely no sense and boggles my mind that an actual rep would say this:

    "10-16 are not mic inputs they are line inputs for instruments or drum machines and keyboards. If you want a total of 16 microphone inputs you could use 2 US-16x08 units using one as a stand alone eight channel mic amp taking it's outputs into the 8 line inputs which would be connected to the computer via USB. Making it for $600.00 the best sounding 16 mic inputs interface system for the money."

    My preferable option is to get another 8 channel interface with ADAT from a different brand and chain up an ADAT 8 channel expansion unit from the same brand which will remain nameless, but there is an extremely strange shortage on them (over 6 months so far), so I am trying to figure out my next cheapest option to get 16 simultaneous inputs.

    If anyone has any relevant information it would be much appreciated. Anything non relevant need not apply. Thanks in advance.