208i interface and non-Tascam ADAT device


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Aug 20, 2022
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208i, Dyna 8p
I've been using a 102i interface with a Tascam Dyna 8p mic preamp connected via the s/mux ADAT port. i wanted more channels, so i upgraded to the 208i, since it also offers an additional ADAT port.

I acquired a Behringer ADA8200 mic pre with ADAT, hoping i could expand my 12 channels to 20.

In THEORY, this should work, but after spending a couple hours trying, I had to go down the Google rabbit hole, and found my way here.

The Tascam software SEEMS to properly detect it, but maybe I'm wrong. the documentation seems to assume you wouldn't DARE use any other brand, so it doesn't address my following issue.

the Dyna 8p on Optical A is auto detected, the ADA 8200 on Optical B is manually set to 44.1KHz, but the 'standby' light is flashing, and the software says unlocked or no signal detected, and nothing I plug into the Behringer can be heard, despite the level meter indicating SOMETHING is happening.

has anyone ever successfully used a non-Tascam ADAT device with their 208i interface, and if so, HOW?

the 12 channels i get between the 208i and Dyna 8p are great, zero complaints about the interface or overall experience...i just can't get this other piece of gear to play nice (and a 2nd Dyna 8p is about $500 because it looks like they're being phased out)

any thoughts?
ok, I will admit I am dumb, and neglected to read the manuals.

but, for posterity, and if any future net travelers should stumble upon this question, here is the solution.

The Behringer ADA8200 on optical B will be the clock master, set the switch on the back accordingly. Trying it any other way didn't work for me.

In the Tascam 208i software, I set BOTH of the ADAT mic-pre's to manual, 44.1 kHz/48 kHz, and selected Optical B as the sample clock source.

After doing that, everything worked, and I'm now at 20 input channels for my DAW.

i am loathe to admit it, but reading the Behringer manual is what helped me figure out the solution. I'm not a "read the manual" type person, so color me humbled and reeducated.
with each passing day, my dumbness seems to increase.

I don't know HOW my previous update was actually working, because I changed one little thing...and it stopped working.

after really diving into the manuals, I discovered my mistake.

It's practically spelled out in the Dyna 8p manual, and I never noticed it. Dumb!

I needed to connect a BNC cable to the 'Word Out' of the 208i, and into the 'Word In' on my Dyna 8p, and from that unit's 'Word Out' to the 'Word In' on the ADA8200. I set the Dyna 8p to EXT 44.1Khz, and the ADA8200 to slave. The 208i is the clock source now (set to internal in the software), and everything works CORRECTLY now.

this is my first experience with connecting ADAT devices, so i hope my journey has been useful to someone like me!
Hey Chimpuat,

Just curious, now that you have botb 8 i. preamps working via optical ins, how do they compare?

I just got the same setup as your with the 208i plus the Dyna8 8P and its fantastic.

i feel the Dyna is really good on drums.

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