2288 and dp02 cf


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Mar 8, 2014
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2288 neo
Hi guys . I'm a proud 2288 neo user. I have some live gigs coming up and I didn't what to hulk the neo around with me for live playback. I just got a dp02cf and just wondering about transferring the tracks from the neo to the dp?
is this possible via USB/computer or will I have to play the neo and record on the dp individual tracks?

Thanks for your. Time.
Cheers alton, thanks for replying. I use the usb link to send files to the laptop all the time...but i need to take individual tracks from the 2288 and have them on the dp02cf..this is where I'm having problems.

i was also thinking of a midi link between the 2288/dp recording on the dp and playback on the 2288 so sync will be in perfect time..anyone used this technique??

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