2488 and cubase?


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Dec 31, 2012
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SO is it possible to record your 24 tracks on the 2488 and export them in some way to a DAW such as cubase? If so how? They can actually speak the same language?

You will need to export the wav files across to your PC and then inport them into cubase. Easily done via the USB option - and is reasonably quick to do.

Just check the sample rate etc in Cubase match that of the 2488.

You can have syncing issues if one of the wav files was recorded half way through the song, eg a gtr solo. as the wav file will be shorter in length and you will need to line it up correctly in cubase. I have just added a section of silence so all the wav files exported start at 00:00:00 - makes life easier.

aaaahhhhh so it doesn't sync up. okay well thank for the info
I saved my files to cd when I backed up th song....ist that same things as the wav files that you're referring to?
No sadly. The back up creates a digital file of everything, mixer settings, FX as well as the music recorded. But its not playable. You need to use the Export Wav function. You select the tracks you need to export and send them to the Fat section. Then connect to your PC via a USB and copy the files to the PC. You'll need to check the manual as I'm doing this from memory. It is very easy though an d quicker than burning the Wav's to a CD.

Thanks, I'm going to try this

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