2488 NEO cooling when burning CD


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May 20, 2013
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2488 NEO
i have had one problem with the 2488 NEO and I have not read of the problem before. When I go to burn a CD the unit (at about 50% of the job), the recorder totally locks up and has to be switched off and re-started. Amazingly nothing is lost and everything proceeds as usual.
The only fix I have found is to aim a small 12V fan at the power supply end (RH facing the unit) to adequately cool it. The room temperature in which it operates is not high and the unit is positioned on a flat surface with no circulation impediments. Since I have used this I have had no problems - it is only needed when CD burning so the current demand must peak while doing that.
Has anyone else experienced this?

Never had this problem, but I only very rarely burn a CD from the 2488.

Have you tried burning a CD as the first thing you do? Before the 2488 gets heated up?

No, I haven't tried that but it might work to a degree. I have just gone to the 'better cooling' thing because as an IT tech I see the result of this in various power supplies which obviously have 'cheapo' capacitors (and other components) in them and the failure rate of these is pretty bad. Those tiny electrolytic capacitors are the biggest offenders though. They have been miniaturised (to suit the small circuit boards) to a degree that is probably getting too much for their intended use and the materials used in them.

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