2488 Neo; Shut Down, RW, FF buttons not working


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Sep 18, 2013
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2488 Neo
Evening all. I've had my 2488 for 2 years now, with no problems until the end of a 6 hour recording stint a few weeks back when the Rewind button refused to do anything except scroll back to 0, the Forward button didn't work at all, neither did the Shut Down button. After several days of turning the unit on and off these buttons still refused to operate. I sent the 2488 to Tascam's UK repair centre and was duly informed that after unpacking, and plugging in, the buttons were found to be working. It was put on a 'soak test' to test the buttons under duration, and they were still deemed ok. I've got the unit back, have plugged it in and......the rewind button doesn't work, the FF button doesn't work, and the Shut Down button doesn't work. Very frustrating! Has anyone else encountered these problems and found any solutions?

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