2488 outputing track 1 to input 2


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Dec 31, 2012
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can you out a track that you've recorded ...say on track 1 and send it to the input on track to so you can record it again put now add some delay?
Its very easy. Use the FX sends.
E.g. Channel 1 FX send 1 out to your delay and back into Channel 2.

If I remember correctly just add your effect (internal delay/reverb etc.) to any track then "bounce" it to a new track. The effect is printed on the new track. As I remember a bounce records the all sounds including the added internal effect.
Yes. The pan settings will transfer. I actually do it all the time. If I have 6 mono tracks with background vocals I balance and pan them as I want them, mute all the other tracks and bounce them to one of the stereo tracks. All the panning, EQ, and effects will transfer just as I set them on each mono track. Now I can erase the 6 mono tracks for more recording (or bounce them to 6 virtual tracks for backup if needed later). I pre-mix stereo guitar tracks, drum tracks etc. to stereo tracks so I can not only open the mono tracks for more overdubs but make final mixing a lot easier. It's much easier to bring up one stereo fader for the background vocals when mixing than 6 mono tracks of vocals.
By the way I listened to the PoundHawks stuff. Really nice. Anyone who lists the Beatles and ELO (my two favs) is OK by me.
I don't normally use the "copy" feature and I'm not sure it would still have the pan setting. I think copy might not take the effects with it since it is copying the track and not the effects buss which is not part of the original information recorded on the track. If you "Copy track 1 to stereo track 13/14 aren't you effectively losing a track? Maybe I'm not fully understanding what it is you are attempting to do. Whatever it is you want to try remember you can "Undo" anything so maybe just try it and see if it's what you want. If it isn't go to "Undo" and no harm done.
I put a mono wave file into each stereo track. If I recorded two vocal tracks on mono tracks I'd edit them and move one to track 13 and the other to track 14. Normally I would pan them equally like 45 L/45R. But sometimes I may need to move one to a different pan like 45L/25R. It depends on what is on the same side. Also one should avoid using the same pan on each track, i.e 63L for the drum track & also for a guitar track and the piano track. You will have two dimensional sound instead of three dimensional sound with layers stacked on top of each other which can muddy the mix. Try moving the pans by one or two numbers & you will see what a difference it makes. By putting the stereo tracks at the same pan it compresses the layers that have the same pan on other tracks. Thus the tracks lose separation in the mix. So you have to up the EQ and volume of some tracks and that will muddy the mix.
So that is why I am disappointed that Tascam has removed the ability to pan the stereo tracks separately. That is a downgrade for the DP-24 & DP-32. So now I have to figure out a work around.
I do my pan settings before I bounce so I pretty much have my settings in place but I see what you mean. I guess in order to meet the low price point and offer as much as possible some things that get sacrificed. I have an older 2488 that has 12 mono tracks and 6 stereo tracks. When the DP24 came out they sacrificed 4 of the mono tracks and added more stereo tracks. They gave you more total tracks but less mono tracks. I guess that's a way give you more and still keep prices low but I would have liked more mono tracks..

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