2488neo's phantom power

Glenn Ito

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Dec 5, 2013
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Will I cause a short (or any problems) if I plug a 1/4" cable (for a drum machine or sampler) into one of the Neutrik XLR/1/4" inputs with phantom power engaged? Thank you.

I believe you are ok with unbalanced leads in inputs A-D whilst the phantom power is on. There is a section in the manual which explains it - but from memory it was a little confusing. I have had mics dynamic mics attached (unbalanced leads) and phantom power on for condesor mics with no issues - but do check the manual.

thanks, zeek. i hooked-up with tascam support and they assured me it was ok. i now have my sampler in two of the neutrik connectors. I knew that dynamic mics were ok w/ phantom on, but I wasn't sure of 1/4" (TS) cables. thankfully, the tip and ring do not touch the phantom feed. happy holidays, zeek!

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