3200 has 2 channels that have intermittent static?


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Dec 23, 2012
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Just started tonight.
I have channels 1-16 routed to M/L ins and channel 3-4 suddenly start having random static bursts in them. I have unplugged the snake from the back but the bursts are still there. Any idea what would be causing this or if I can fix it?
First you should check where the problem is:
Route something elseto ch3/4.
* If the noise is still there, the problem is in DSP engine, which might be imposssible to fix yourself.
* If the noise is gone, problem is in analog section (preamps), which can be fixed by skilled electronic technician.
I will add this to Jarno's answer :
I had problems that came from the jack insert itself.
Try to clean the DM internal contacts of the insert jack with F2 or other.
I'm thinking in might be heat related and in the pre. Today after desk was off over night and temps were cooler it never missed a beat. It was a long hot session last night when it failed. Setting the ins on channel 3-4 to nill or any other source stopped it last night when it was hot. I'll have to keep an eye on it. Thanks guys!

When the weather changes or it gets humid, often the tiniest bit of dirt in a mic pre knob or connector will make noise. The "shumutz" factor. First thing to try is twisting the micpre knob a few times, reseating the mic cables a few times, plugging something in and out of the insert jack.

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