414 mk11 vs DP-03.


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Aug 7, 2013
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DP-03 digital recorder
I just wanted to make some comparisons with these 2 units.

I bought the 414mk11 4 track tape deck in 2005.Love it.Still got it.Will never sell it.Simple to use.The epitome of simplicity.Brilliant.

I wrote a lot of songs,recorded them to cassette then recently I transferred them to computer then burnt to cd.How simple is that? Too easy.I made cds for myself and to the various women I had written songs for.

About 2 weeks ago I bought the DP-03 digital recorder with inbuilt in
cd burner.I tried out the recorder by making test recordings before recording 2 songs today.Done.That was simple.Here's where it gets ugly.
I tried to burn a cd with the songs.I have a pack of 25 CD-R cds.
Put one into the cd.Each one wouldnt work.

I then tried to transfer the 2 songs to computer.That didnt work.
This machine is so difficult to do something simple.It should have a set up where you can play it straight to computer by hooking it up via USB cable.Then go to menu and load up the file then play to computer.Burn it to cd.Or,just burn it from file to cd on the spot.Why design something simple like the 414 mk11 then design something difficult? Didnt they learn about simplicity?

Just my opinion.

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