644 midistudio memory battery location


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Aug 8, 2014
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after contacting Tascam for info on the battery replacement, they sent me these location schematics and the info that the battery is located as follows:

Attached are two documents...

1. Parts Location: The battery is located on the ASN CONT PCB Ass'y

2. Exploded View: Indicates how the unit is assembled. That PCB Ass'y is item #24

The battery (BT1), is part number 5347013100 and can be ordered from our Parts department (Parts@teac.com)

Thank you for your interest in TASCAM products.


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Unfortunately this manual is pretty large and complex so getting a good paper one from Stereomanuals will save you a lot of headaches.
The batteries are usually super capacitors that give out after a time. Mouser electronics sells them and you can get them cheaper there. I am not sure of the size as I have not had to change one yet on the units I have worked on. They are usually 5.5V and 1F or some such value like that and they are really not batteries.
well... opened my 644 today (wich is tricky to do)... battery is CR2430 3V and seems to be soldered...
If you want to there are sockets that can be soldered in but the likelihood of needing yet another battery will be small in the next 7 years. I ordered some batteries from E bay for a Pioneer receiver and I think it was also a CR2430. Whatever gets you going.
any advice about de-soldering the old one ? never done it before... i thought about the socket..but as you said... wont be needed to replace in the next 7 years...
Technicians do this all the time. Turn the board over and use either a solder sucker or solder wick to remove the excess solder. Once that is done the battery should be easy to extract from the board. Then put the new battery in and use Kester 44 type solder to resolder it in. Keep in mind this is a battery that does not want a lot of heat applied to it itself. I try and solder but minimize the heat going into the battery. After that remount the board and test.

The desoldering pump called a Edsyn Solderpullt is a product I have used for years.

Desoldering wick or solder wick is like this stuff here-
Can someone help me, please? I can´t figure out how to open the Midistudio 644. I need to replace the belt of the deck and the battery.

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