788 Eprom/firmware needed from 1.02 to 2.0 thanks


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Dec 8, 2013
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788 portastudio and cd-rw788
Hi, I know I'm dated and pre-historic by now with my 788 and that Tascam wants us to keep replacing our gear but, my 788 is like brand new...like used 6 times new. Already I'm running out of memory so I was hoping that someone here could direct me as to where and how to go about upgrading the firmware. Are EPROMS available anywhere or CD upgrades with installation steps?
I'd hate to download the wrong thing and screw up. :rolleyes:
Thanks all
I'd appreciate an answer to this question as well. I owned a 788 in 2000 and sold it in 2002. I am about to purchase a used tascam 788 and have no idea what version it is. I am trying to get a jump start on how to get the upgrade if needed. I remember the only way to upgrade at the time (2001) was by inserting an actual upgrade cd in the burner. Can someone please clarify if there is a NEW method of upgrading since 13 years have passed.i will be purchasing the CD burner as well....? If a upgrade CD is the only method of upgrading ..can someone tell me how to get it. PLEASE
Woah forum seems very quiet. Wish I could find my hundreds of posts from when I used the 788...for that matter I wish I remember what user name I had to look up my posts ....

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