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Sep 25, 2012
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I am asking an administrator to post a stickie regarding new members and requests for help.

I LOVE helping people, in fact, I always tell people I'll do it over the phone, SKYPE, etc. But I've noticed in recent months that some people come here and don't do searches for the questions they have. They chime in on old threads, do no research, and just ask the same questions that have been answered over and over. Even when a person is new to the DM, you can tell if they have significant studio experience and are just stumped on one small thing. That's fine. Those are the ones I've encountered lately - experienced studio operators with a quick question. Others, are new, spent money without a lot of research, are lost, get frustrated, then come here and "want answers" and even videos.

When I got my DM4800 in March of 2008 - I didn't even know about this forum. I read the manual as best I could, got the board working and started making music. When I ran into trouble with the Microsoft firewire card issue, I did a search, it landed me to the original forum - and there was my answer. Boom. I didn't have to ask anyone - anything. The board is a complex machine serving as a tool in a complex skill set. I think people should spend more time doing searches before they ask questions in old threads or start a new thread with an old question. None of us here are paid for this and aren't looking compensation, but seriously - help yourself before you seek help.

When it comes to producing instructional videos - same thing. There ARE videos on YouTube regarding the DM. Making videos is a very time consuming endeavor. It requires addressing specific topics, being clear about the instruction, camera angles, screen shots, etc. You are usually using 2-3 different software products to make the video, then the uploads, then the posting, and then MORE questions because "you missed something." I make music for a living (I'm lucky) and I teach Music Production full-time at a college in NYC. I'm a busy guy. Making videos are time consuming. The last two videos I did for Pro Tools and Cubase were done over two weeks during my winter recess from school. I will say, I'm glad I did them, because the feedback on the AVID and Cubase forums showed me it was worth it. Yes, I think TASCAM should make more of these videos - like Korg does with their Products, but they haven't, so, oh well.

I invite the administrator to consider a list of "advice" for new users. I think it will make using this forum easier for everyone. In any case - just go and make music.
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Not a bad idea. Something like:

"If you are having trouble routing audio through the DM (can't hear input/output, sound not showing up where you expected, etc.), then go HERE: (links to Routing Zen and othe threads)

"if you have trouble with levels (too much/not enough gain, etc.) read these:

And so fifth and so fifth.
Jim - that is perfect!! Absolutely perfect.
And then, the list ends with something like: "If you've read the threads that address your questions, and either didn't find or answer or just didn't understand the parts you needed to, then jump ino the forums and ask away!"
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Yep. An FAQ! On the old forum there was A LOT of documentation in the form of attachments that was lost. That's pretty much how I got around most of my initial issues. I still am somewhat lost with this system to a certain extent only because once I got the machine to do essentially what I needed to record, I concentrated on making music at a fever pitch. But yes an FAQ would help the new and even the more experienced users.
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But everything people are asking for are available in the the Documents section at the top of this specific forum. EVERYTHING. Routing (2 docs), UDL, DAW specific setups, etc. There's a lot of information that exists for new people with questions.
Sounds like nothing has to be done other than asking an administrator to post a sticky regarding the rules for requesting help.
The only suggestion I have is to, perhaps, perform a small redesign of the header section of this forum. As it stands now, recent messages follow the same four messages daily. It would be better to establish a clearly separate header containing the FAQ, links, and stickies. That way, newbies will see the relevant introductory info at first glance, something the Old Forum (pre-2012) featured, as Cmaffia (Charlie) mentioned.

If there's something I can do to help, (other than Admin-level design work) I'd be happy to.

I may find myself vanishing here on a slow and fading slope.
I may find myself vanishing here on a slow and fading slope.
Why? Just ignore the posts you deem not worthy of responding. :) Problem solved.
You're not obligated to help anyone but to disappear would be detrimental to the Tascam Forum community!
Ernie - I'm puzzled by your remark. The recent posts in this thread are about improving the site and hopefully, making it more accessible to newcomers. That would certainly be a helpful thing, don'tcha think?

Or - am I missing something here?

Hey Ernie,
I don't know you, but I think you are an amazing talent and contributor to this forum.
You have shown your genius, time and time again.
I'm thinking you might be experiencing an overload of helping people find solutions.

If you fade out here.......
I'd surely miss your posts and brilliant insights.
I send my deep respect.
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But everything people are asking for are available in the the Documents section at the top of this specific forum. EVERYTHING. Routing (2 docs), UDL, DAW specific setups, etc. There's a lot of information that exists for new people with questions.
Hey, I'm definitely a newbie and I know I ask stupid questions and feel kinda bad about it (not bad enough NOT to do it, but close). I've just started going through a lot of the posts on here, not just the ones that relate to what I think I need to know, and I've learned a few things that help. Yes a FAQ section would be nice and would probably keep me busy, therefore not driving you crazy with FASQ (Frequently Asked Stupid Questions). :)
I'm pretty thick skinned too, so if you feel the urge to cyber-backhand me...I'll get over it. Facebook has a "poke" button, maybe this place needs a "slap some sense into them" button.
But, as per Jamsire's quote, I don't see the Documents section. Please don't backhand me, but tell me how to get there.
It's right on top of this forum, just below the Tascam DM-3200 & DM-4800 title: "Documentation and Manuals".
Got it! Thought it would be on the header of any given page...or a sticky!

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