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Dec 14, 2014
Hi Folks,

First time poster,
I had a few questions that I cant exactly find the answers to else where :(

basically I am looking to expand from using just a DAW and start learning about digital mixers, I am looking to purchase the 3200 but I need to get a few facts straight before I commit to the price tag.

The following questions are going to come across as extremely "noobish" and basic so any answers (preferably in layman's terms) would be much appreciated

I use Propellerheads Reason 7 Software as my DAW
I have a 64bit Windows 8.1 Operating System

1) Will the TASCAM DM3200 run on my machine despite being win 8.1? (I have read it requires win xp service pack 2 in order to operate?)

2) Will it act as a control surface for the software "Propellerhead Reason 7" I.e will the transport functions on the 3200 control what goes on (on screen) If I move a fader in reasons on screen mixer will the corresponding fader on the 3200 also move?

also Does it require the IF-FW/DM mkII card or can it operate as a fully fledged Control surface by just using USB?

If it requires Firewire I would need to buy a FW port for my pc

Note: Reason 7 supports mackie HUI.

I don't intend to purely use the DM3200 as a control surface, I record a lot of live percussion so I look forward to taking advantage of the console.

Many thanks for any response.
1) There are many here currently using windows 8.1 with their DMs. I am still on 7, 64bit, but I believe the drivers will work fine for 8.1. ---Didn't even know that 8.1 had a service pack 2 already! I'm looking forward to 9, 64bit.
2) If Reason 7 supports Mackie HUI, then Yes, that will work. I use Reaper and it does everything you are asking, and I use the Mackie protocol for MMC.
3) I never thought of trying to use the DM without the FW cable attached. But, to answer your question, I pulled the FW cable out of my computer, switched the audio device to my onboard computer audio card, (using ASIO4ALL) but left the DM in remote and the USB cable still attached. Sure enough, and as I suspected, I am able to control the faders and transport in Reaper. This should be the same in Reason.

The midi data on these boards is sent only through the USB cable. Only the digitized audio is sent through the FW cable and into the IF/DM-FW card. So, if you have to wait on a FW card and a cable, but still want to control Reason using your DM as a control surface, that will work. For that matter, if you have a way to get ADAT into your computer, you can at least have 8 channel right off the bat (44.1 and 48KHz only though.) without a FW card. Not to mention 24 channels of TDIF and 4 Assignable sends and returns as well as two stereo mains. All of which are available now. No FW card needed. Although, the FW card IS the way to go!

As for FW port expansion cards, the rule of thumb here is to use anything with a VIA controller chip. That being said, I was using my MB's onboard Texas Instruments FW controller chip for years, with no issues. Currently, I am using my new motherboard's FW controller chip, which is an LSI-FW3227 chip. Board has no problems with it, no matter which of the newer drivers I use.
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@ TascMan

Thank you for that great reply!

This is fantastic news,
Also I appreciate the info on the FW aspect.
That information was exactly what I wanted to hear.

I look forward to receiving the DM 3200 and sinking my teeth into it.
You have made my day.
Very informative !
Thank you.
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