After a 5 year hiatus many questions


Jul 25, 2013
Gear owned
MX-2424 DM-3200
I'm sorry for asking these silly questions but I've been sidelined with cancer and lost my studio 5 years ago. I thought I'd be able to jump right back into this thing when asked to do a live recording with my DM-3200 and my MX-2424. (Yes, I have PT but still favor the sound of the Tascam gear) But I'm finding it almost as difficult as the 1st time around and my mixer isn't responding to the Test propperly.
1. Could anyone tell me the latest software ver for the DM-3200?
2. Isn"t there a 16X16 snapshot somewhere? (track 1~16 monitor 17~32)
3. Having a problem routing efx, shouldn't they just work going to the stereo buss? Or do I have to route them somewhere?
I do have a manual but this thing can be a little intimidating sometimes, any help would be appreciated.
Okay, got the firmware loaded, checking status of mixer now, If anyone could help me with question 2 and 3 I would appreciate it.
Sad to hear about your medical condition. Hoping all the best to you.

3. Having a problem routing efx, shouldn't they just work going to the stereo buss? Or do I have to route them somewhere?
You have to route efx to channels. Go to input routing and route them to channels in 3rd layer (ch33-).
Jarno, I'm really surprised you are still here. LOL I think I remember you from "the day!" I did route the efx like you asked, I have the verbs going to 33 and 34 and the delay to 35 and 36 then I get lost, I need more time. BTW the board may not be working right after 5 yrs in storage. The lights in the rec and transport don't work for sure, but they still function so I don't know about the efx.
I did do the gig tonight and they asked for verb but I told them I didn't want it going to disk so they didn't get any, Hahaha. Other than that everything went without a hitch. I used an old Leveno laptop with XP on it and recorded about 20 tracks for 2-60 minute sets. I just let the tape roll and when they were finished it took less than 30 seconds for the MX to catch up and go out of record. (each set) Out of fear I didn't record with the Waveforms. Thanks for the reply
Things are coming back to me now, just one more question:
1. If I remember to press the record button and can create new projects between each song in a live set, in TAPE MODE I can just export files while converting to wav without rendering correct? (it seems like rendering takes up the most time, I'm trying to avoid that)

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